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Sun., Mar. 7, 2010 - Lee Harrington Class - Erotic Macrame: Creative & Decorative Bondage

date:Sunday, March 7, 2010
time:12:30 PM to 2:00 PM
where:The Erotic Heritage Museum
address:3275 Industrial Road Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 Ph:(702)-369-6442 map
cost:$25/per person day of the event. Presale tickets $20 includes entry to the Las Vegas Rope Social and the Museum's Exhibits. Buy your tickets online.
dress code:Comfortable clothing like you might wear to work out or go to a yoga class.
what to bring:At least 2 pieces of rope, 25 ft in length or longer, for hands on exploration. Limited supplies will be available to borrow from the instructor.

Erotic Macrame: Creative and Decorative Bondage
Imagine the human body as your canvas, and rope as your paints … let’s create art! From body harnesses to creative chest harnesses, rope corsets to beautifully applied crotch ropes and rump bindings, we’ll look into some ways to turn yourself or your partner into a sight to be seen. We will also look at ways to accent and add decorative details to other forms of rope bondage.

Our guest instructor, Lee Harrington
Lee Harrington is an eclectic artist, spiritual and erotic educator, gender radical and published author and editor on human sexuality and spiritual experience- including "Shibari You Can Use: Japanese Rope Bondage and Erotic Macramé" and the "Toybag Guide to Age Play." He has also worked as an anthology editor on such projects as "Rope, Bondage, and Power."

Well known for his fun and informative approach to education, he approaches sexuality as yet another art to master, or simply an art to enjoy to its fullest! He has been an active part of the international kink and sex positive communities for over 14 years, and his stories make people laugh while showing you that eroticism can be as serious, sexy, or silly as you make it. Lee's writings and photography have appeared in numerous anthologies including "Dark Moon Rising: Pagan BDSM and the Ordeal Path" (also under his previous pen name, Bridgett Harrington), and his image has been seen everywhere from PlayBoy TV to the pages of Skin Two Magazine. View his full bio and website.

A weekend with Lee
"Erotic Macrame: Creative and Decorative Bondage" will immediately precede the Rope Social and is the second of two classes brought to you by Reverse Tensionz in the same weekend. View information on the "Punching, Kicking and Deep Bruising" class.

Click here for a PDF of the class flyer

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