Wednesday, September 29, 2010

KinkyKarnival 2010 a Big Success

This is a re-post from Vixen's SinCity D/s yahoo group.

The KinkyKarnival 2010 "Late to School event was an amazing success - thank you so much to everyone who participated!

When the people of this community get together and use their powers for good we can accomplish so much! Deepest appreciation goes out to all the members of the community for making this event happen. Special recognition especially to Ericka (and her lovely partner Karen) who took on the task of leading this year's event way late in the game, and did the most fabulous job.

This year silent auction was packed with all kinds of generous donations -and there were some serious bargains had. There were door prizes, all kinds of fun and prizes in the balloon pop booth, the opportunity to get an airbrush tattoo, a professional picture, to get flogged, to get arrested and bailed out, to donate change in totally unique wishing well, and to make all kinds of new friends!

SinCityDs had our traditional dildo ring toss year and thanks to generous prize donations of a silver and purple chain mail collar from Vampyre Knight, a gorgeous flogger from Lady C's Leather, and a beautiful black smooth as silk paddle from Donny (at the kinkygeek .com) the competition was fierce.

The Leather Uniform Club members seemed to have fun making getting arrested a fantasy come true for some people, and the beautiful Ladies of Vegas Domina's ran the kissing booth, There was a line to get to their table, but the wait was apparently well worth it. I myself was a repeat customer. The Las Vegas TNG 50/50 raffle was actually won by someone under 35- and she generously donated most of the money right back to St Therese.

This year, SNAPI Southern Nevada Association of Pride, Inc. (SNAPI) donated five hundred dollars in school supplies, so combined with the donations from the event attendees it was like a big ole mountain of paper, pens, backpacks, and crayons.

Thank you so much to each and every person who showed their support by donating items, working the booths, set up, take down, buying raffle tickets or auction items, and for showing up to have a great time! You can feel good about knowing you helped some very unfortunate children to be able to return to school with dignity, and with the tools they need to get an education and have a better life.

An event such as this one helps a very worthy cause, enhances the relationships and reputation of "the leather and bdsm" community with the general public, and serves to strengthen our community as a whole. Working together for a larger cause helps us to remember that there are some wonderful people among us, and that with a little respect for others we CAN have different groups that are unique andseparate, but still cooperate and collaborate with each other.

sending you love,
DarkMark's Vixen

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