Monday, September 12, 2011

Thanks Again...

..for an awesome Sunday afternoon.

Once more this group has made me very proud of the Las Vegas Community!

The Rope Focus Group met again yesterday and I would like to thank everyone that came out. I met some new people, saw a wide range of rope styles and even heard some giggling (and maybe even some spanking).


Thanks to your generosity the group raised close to $125.00. We donated $100 to the Erotic Heritage Museum and our treasurer Willow will be hanging onto the remainder to be used for the group's benefit.

I would also like to thank Graydancer for taking the time to visit and I am looking forward to hearing some of the interviews taken for his kinky podcast:Graydancer's Ropecast.

Safe travels my friend!

Don't forget that RedheadWithRope will be teaching his class Going Beyond the Rope this coming Wednesday. This should be a great class on a topic that is close to my heart. Come on out and have some fun and show Redhead support as only we can!

If we do, maybe he will teach another...hint, hint.

C-y'all next month!


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