Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Pool Party!!

Hey all you ropesters and bunnies!

Currently in the planning stages is a Summer Pool Party!!

Stricturism has graciously offered to host a pool party for the members of Reverse Tensionz.

Full details are on the way. I did want to get the basic information out so y'all can get the party on your calendars.

This will be an RSVP only event for current members of Reverse Tensionz. Full details, directions and rules will be emailed directly to the guest list.

Event: Reverse Tensionz Summer Pool Party
Date: Sunday August 29th
Time: 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Who is invited: Members of the Reverse Tensionz Erotic Rope Enthusiast Group.

Please send your RSVP to Sricturism@yahoo.com

Since this is a private Reverse Tensionz function there will be no "Event Page" set up here on Fetlife. All information will be handled through this page, our yahoo group, and the newsletter.

Keep an eye on this thread for more information and updates.


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  1. This will be a blast! Thank you Striturism for opening up your home to us!!