Friday, September 10, 2010

Its a Rope-tastic Weekend in Las Vegas!!

Hey guys!!

How is it that these things all seem to stack up into one gloriously busy weekend?

So here is the scoop, click the links for full details on the fetlife boards:

Saturday Night:
Party at the EHM. Reverse Tensionz will have our interactive living display areas set up. Members are welcome to bring a little rope and try their hand at creating a little Shibari-Art. Keep in mind that there will be lots of Vanillas about to we are keeping it towards the artistic and light play side of things. Hope to see you there.

Sunday Early Afternoon:
Intermediate Rope Bondage Class at the Las Vegas Power Exchange.
Click the link for full details. Class is $15 and we will be looking at practical applications and confidence building.

We will be drilling our skills in a set up that is friendly to the less experienced among us, and will let our advanced nawashis test their artistic and practical skills. Everyone can gain from this class.

I am sensing a lot of rolling around and having fun, don't miss out!!

For class you will want to bring enough rope to do a chest harness, a hip harness, and four column ties.

I suggest as a minimum:
3 ropes 25' - 35' in length for the harnesses
4 ropes 12' - 15' in length for the column ties.

You can never have too much rope!

Also you will want to bring something to act as a blindfold. Scarves, blindfolds, flat braid ropes, etc etc.

I will have a few scarves available as well as extra rope if you need it.

Sunday Late Afternoon
Fall Edition of the Las Vegas Rope Social & Potluck Dinner

We are trying a couple of new things with this Rope Social. First it is being held at the Power Exchange which means we can be just as naughty as we want to be!
Bring your favorite fetish/bdsm gear and find us in the downstairs dungeon areas.

Lets shake up the Power Exchange like only we can do and give them some love for being so kind to the kinky and bdsm loving people in Las Vegas.

Also new this time around, as a way to encourage people to bring a dish we are offering a $5 dollar discount to anyone with a dish. That brings the cost of the Social to $15, and if you bring food to share $10.

Note: if you come to the class before you can stay for the Social at no charge. Also coming to either or both of these events entitles you to spend the evening at the Power Exchange once the club opens.

Please ask if you have any questions. I am looking forward to seeing the rope family again.


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